District Goals

Promote individual growth of all students K-12

  • Provide each student with value-added learning experience while using multiple measures to improve achievement and growth K-12.
  • Maintain High School graduation rate mandated by PDE.
  • Maintain district-wide student attendance¬† while monitoring attendance requirements district-wide.
  • Continue to modify and develop curriculum K-12 while identifying potential opportunities for course/credit advancement.

Increase student achievement through the effective utilization of technology by students and staff

  • Increase efficiency for use of district-wide technologies and initiatives while improving infrastructure district-wide.
  • Continue use of online platform for Graduation Projects while promoting community relationships and career awareness.

Enhance the educational climate in all District schools by creating and maintaining a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment for all

  • Continue to improve accountability of maintenance and care for district-wide facilities while promoting sense of citizenship and individual responsibility for the organization.
  • Ensure that all staff members are committed to the shared goals of the District by modeling best practices.
  • Continue to nurture positive relationships with local law enforcement while emphasizing the importance of ongoing open communication of all stakeholders.

Maintain a financially secure and fiscally responsible District business operation

  • Continue to operate under current PDE budget timeline.
  • Promote a sense of ownership for fiscal responsibility and long-term stability throughout the organization.
  • Seek additional revenues through grant opportunities, corporate donations and District practices.
  • Establish proactive solutions for facilities management and maintenance of all outdoor areas district-wide.

Improve overall communication strategies for students, parents, teachers, and community members within the Wellsboro Area School District

  • Enhance overall appearance while increasing accessibility of district information on school district website.