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Greetings Hornet Family!

 Yesterday, the Governor declared a Stay At Home order for all of Pennsylvania residents until April 30th.   Since then, I have had many more meetings to better understand how education’s role in this order is applied.  The information provided to all PA Superintendents is that, for now, we are to stay on schedule to continue to provide either practice/enrichment and/or new planned instruction. We have been providing practice/enrichment items for all students for two weeks now. If you visit your child’s school building webpage, you will be provided with links to those items.  We are continuing to explore our options for new learning with graded assignments.  Our goal is to have opportunities for new instruction begin on April 14th.  However, keep in mind that our direction may change daily. Please be patient as we work through many moving parts.

We have gathered information relating to access to the internet, cell phone coverage, and need for technology.  However, not all of our families have responded to the many phone calls made.  It is critical for our district that EVERY parent responds to the calls regarding need in their household.  If you have not replied, please email your building principal to provide the information. Charlotte Lappla and Don Gill = sadams@wellsborosd.org,  Rock L. Butler = rkreger@wellsborosd.org, Wellsboro High School = jbyrd@wellsborosd.org

There are many resources that are available for continued learning.  One website that I am recommending is Lehigh Valley Learns. https://www.wlvt.org/education/distance-learning/lehigh-valley-learns/   This site has lessons and activities for even the youngest members in your household.  Thanks to a partnership with Blue Ridge Communications, they have added channel 124 Lehigh Valley Learns to their lineup.  There are daily lessons and activities via cable that students may obtain if they do not have the internet but have Blue Ridge Communications as their cable provider. I realize that not all of our families are able to obtain Blue Ridge Communications, but for those that are, this is just another resource. 

Our lunch program will resume again next week with the same schedule as the last few weeks: 

Monday, Wednesday,THURSDAY   noon – 2:30 PM and 4:30 – 6:00 PM.  Both locations: Wellsboro Fire Hall Annex and Truck- Lite Parking Lot will still be in operation.  There will be no Friday pick up next week.
I cannot say thank you enough to all the volunteers who assist in making this happen!


I do have clarification on a PennLive post this morning.  The Governor was reported as saying that schools may pass students along to the next grade level if they were passing their grade/courses as of March 13th.  This is not an accurate statement. The Governor was responding to a questioned asked by a reporter if he would consider doing so.  As of today, we have had no communication relating to such a position.

For now, stay at home, stay safe, and stay healthy. 


Good Evening Hornet Family!

Today the Governor announced that ALL PA SCHOOLS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  While this is disappointing for our educational community, it is necessary to keep everyone safe.  We are a strong community and my greatest wish at this time is for every member our community to stay healthy and safe.
This week, we started a structured practice/enrichment schedule for our students.  We still have a little more work to be done in order for us to move from practice/enrichment to full instruction. Keep in mind that there are many obstacles such as technology, internet availability, content availability, etc. Our goal is to keep ALL of our students learning. We have prepared practice/enrichment opportunities, in a structured manner, to continue until April 13th. 

However, with the new announcement for extended school closures we will provide the following schedule:
Every day, have your child log into their teacher/course page assignments. If you are a K-1 student, you will access information on the Charlotte Lappla Website page, second - fourth grade will access information on the Don Gill Website page, fifth - eighth will access information on Rock L. Butler Website page, and all ninth - twelfth grades will access information on the high school web portal. 

Keep in mind that Friday, April 10th and Monday, April 13th is our Easter break. We will eliminate the snow make up day scheduled for April 14th. This will now be a day of learning for all students.  All parent teacher conferences scheduled for April 2and 3rd have been canceled. These will be full student learning days as well.

You can locate our Continuity of Education Plan on our website and this will also assist you with locating student assignments.

Lunches will still be provided this week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I will post the schedule for lunches for next week soon.

As soon as I know additional information, I will post another blog.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this uncharted territory.

Today ends two full weeks of school closures across Pennsylvania. I am amazed and encouraged by the way the Wellsboro Community has pulled together.  This past week, I have seen simple acts of kindness beyond measure, faith that surpassed understanding, and a deep understanding of just how important education is for everyone!

I cannot recognize by name the number of volunteers that have prepared and delivered lunches to our families.  However, I can recognize that, Pastor Brett Kennedy from Vineyard Church and his congregation, Pastor TJ Freeman from Wellsboro Bible Church and his church family, Wellsboro Firemen, Truck-Lite, teachers across the district, administrators, cafeteria staff, WASD maintenance, WASD Board of Education members, and again countless community members have ALL been instrumental in defining the definition of COMMUNITY.  I personally thank you all.

We WILL continue to provide lunch and breakfast items for students next week.  The schedule will remain the same as this week.  Pick up times and locations are as follows:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- noon -2:00 pm and 4:30-6:00 pm at the Wellsboro Fire Hall Annex and Truck-Lite’s parking lot.

As you know, PA schools will remain closed until April 9th.   For now, our first student day will be April 14th.  Teachers and staff will return to school on April 7th to ready their rooms and do an additional cleaning of all buildings. 

In addition, we are working on a plan for learning if schools remain closed longer than the predicted date.  Rest assured that we will have a structured plan developed to move our district forward.

Beginning on Monday, March 30th, you may locate student information on our District website: https://www.wellsborosd.org  Information will be directed to each individual school building.

If your child receives special education services, GIEP services, or have a 504 Plan, information will also be sent home from our Special Education Department.

This coming week you will see additional structure in your child’s opportunities to learn. Teachers will be in contact with parents/students and offering assistance via online and/or phone.  We are gathering information regarding what students would need if remote learning takes place after April 14th. If you do not have access to adequate internet or adequate cell phone coverage there will be an option for materials to be sent home.

As you go through the weekend smile, practice social distancing- but go outside, enjoy your families, and stay safe and stay healthy. 

Good Evening,
Today was very active again putting together our plan for returning to school.  For now, the Governor is proposing that schools reopen for students on April 9 which is a Thursday.  April 10th is Good Friday and April 13th is Easter Monday, which is recognized as a holiday.  Our calendar has a snow make up day on Tuesday, April 14th.  If the Governor were to reopen schools for students on April 9th, we would use the April 14th snow day on April 9th and return to school as the first student day on April 14th. Keep in mind that all of this is subject to change if the Governor orders that our schools remain closed for additional days.
I will try to answer a few questions that I know are on your mind:

1. Marking Period and grades: 
Our regular marking period would have ended today- March 25.  Our last student day was on March 12th.  March 13th was counted as an ACT 80 day; which counts as a student’s attendance day. Since they were not able to continue to receive grades and turn in any make up work, we will give a grace period for students to complete assigned and make up work PRIOR to March 13th.   The new marking period assignments will begin on April 14th. If this changes, I will keep you updated.

2. What is my student supposed to be doing at home while we are in the school closure period?
Teachers are working at home to prepare enrichment and practice items for students while at home.  You may contact your building administrator if you have any questions regarding these items. Email is the best way to communicate at this time.  Steve Adams Principal - Charlotte Lappla and Don Gill Elementary Schools: sadems@wellsborosd.org.  Rob Kreger, Principal, Ben Miller Assistant Principal - Rock L. Butler Middle School: rkreger@wellsborosd.org,  bmiller@wellsborosd.org. Jeremy Byrd Assistant Principal, Todd Outman, Dean of Students- Wellsboro High School: jbyrd@wellsborosd.org, toutman@wellsborosd.org.  Many of your teachers have already contacted you to encourage your student and inform them of the enrichment/practice opportunities.  During this time, there are no assignments with due dates or grades. I will be posting additional information on this topic soon. For now, we need to get through the next two weeks to see what our direction is from the State level.

3. Today both the House and Senate passed the SB 751 relating to our school closure period.  It is now in the hands of the Governor to sign before it becomes law. 

What SB 751 does for our students is: 

a) lesson the required 180 instructional days for this school year only. 

b) waives the testing requirements for state testing such as PSSA, PASA, Keystone, etc.  Superintendents are waiting on clarification as to what that means for Keystone Exam courses. Please DO NOT worry if your student is taking a keystone course. My guidance has been that no student will be harmed by not completing the test this year. 

c) waives the NIMS and NOCTI exam for our vocational students

4.  What does this school closure mean for seniors?  We are working diligently on keep our school calendar as close to actual dates as possible.  This is true even if we are to remain closed for a longer period of time. While this may change due to circumstances out of my control, it is my intent to keep as much normalcy for our students as possible.

5. What will happen if schools remain closed for a longer period of time?  We are working very hard at providing options for our students.  We understand that all students may not have access to internet or adequate cell phone coverage at their homes.  One of our options is to supply packets to be sent home. again, further information will be coming as we work through the next several weeks. 

We care about each and every one of our students. We are doing our best during this unprecedented time to think outside of the box.  Rest assured that we are a Hornet Family.  Teachers, staff, administrators, Board Directors and I miss our students!  However, students must remain at home during the next 14+ days. 

Stay home and stay safe!  I will try to update you again tomorrow, if I have learned anything new.

Today's Update

The Department of Education (PDE) announced today that all schools in the commonwealth will remain closed through at least April 6 as a result of the COVID-19 response efforts. The closure order could be extended beyond April 6 if necessary to save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Under the new timeline, school buildings would reopen on April 7 for two days to allow school administrators, teachers, and other staff time to prepare classrooms, set up cafeterias, schedule transportation and arrange other business operations. Students would return to school on April 9, unless extending the closure is needed in response to the situation with the virus at that time. 

Dear Parents,
I know this is a time of great uncertainty. Many of you are wondering what the remainder of the school year will look like for your child(ren).  We have been working on options, but for now must abide on the guidance from our Governor and Secretary of Education. Our teachers have been posting messages and enrichment activities to assist with practice at home. 
I have been on conferences every day working out what this shut down means for our students across the state of Pennsylvania. At this point we are not sure how long this shut down will last. Please rest assured that we are making plans for our students to continue to learn.  Teachers miss their students and I know students miss the routine of attending school; both for social and educational purposes.
Many of you may already know that state testing such as PSSA, PASA, Keystone have been canceled for this year. As new Legislation is passed I will post those updates. 

Greetings Wellsboro Community!  I want to send my heartfelt thank you to all who have responded to our needs during this uncertain closure time.  The Wellsboro School District family is grateful!  Schools, while closed, remain vigilant at providing students with resources.  As we go through this coming week please check your student(s)' school portal or teacher webpage.  Teachers are being extremely creative sending posts, videos, and messages home to students. Unique times call for unique measures and our administrators, teachers, and staff have been eager to answer that call of genuine uniqueness.  
There are many unanswered questions at this time, but we are actively seeking guidance from the Governor and Secretary of Education. Things that seem simple have so many moving parts that make it difficult to respond in a timely manner.  Pennsylvania must follow PA regulations and mandates as well as Federal regulations and mandates.  Many of these mandates and regulations come through local and federal legislation.   Therefore, we must wait for waivers or exemptions. For now, please know that we are a Hornet Family!  Teachers will be contacting you via phone, online, or chats. Let's pull together and keep our community STRONG.  

Just a reminder that February 28th is a teacher in-service day. School will not be in session for students on this day.

Both the girls' and boys' basketball teams have made District round playoffs. 
The Hornets will take on Central Columbia on Thursday, February 20th @ 7:00 pm.  4777 Old Berwick Rd, Bloomsburg, PA
The Lady Hornets will take on Loyalsock Friday, February 21st @ 6:00 pm.   1801 Loyalsock Drive, Williamsport, PA 17701
Come out and support our teams! Hornet Proud.

This week, I had the opportunity to sit in on a high school class related to social and mental health awareness. The focus for our students was placed on social media wellness and how much time teens spend connected to their phones. The message was powerful and encouraged students to take time to disconnect from social media sites. 

There will be a used book sale held at Don Gill Elementary School on March 2, 3, and 5th from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  All books will be $0.25.  Proceeds will benefit our library program. 

Open House for Charlotte Lappla and Don Gill Elementary Schools will also be held the first week of March. Schedule as follows:

March 2 - Don Gill and Charlotte Lappla     Grades: Kindergarten and Second
March 3 - Don Gill and Charlotte Lappla     Grades: K-1 and Third
March 5 - Don Gill and Charlotte Lappla     Grades: First and Fourth


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Good Morning! We will continue to serve student lunches this week at the following location and times: Monday - Wednesday - Friday  March 23 -March 25 -  March 27 12 noon - 2 PM  Wellsboro Fire Hall Annex  and Truck-Lite parking lot using the NYPUM entrance 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM  Wellsboro Fire Hall Annex and Truck-Lite parking lot using the NYPUM entrance Lunches will be given out for a two day supply.  If you pick up lunches at the early times slot please do not pick up again at the later time slot the same day.  Thank you!
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March begins with our elementary students excited to share their work at our annual Open House Events. The schedule is as follows: Monday-March 2nd 6:00-7:00 Come and see the Second-Grade themed models of Simple Machine Playgrounds and try STEM Challenges!   Tuesday-March 3rd 6:00-7:00 Stop in to watch the Ozobots travel the 3D Water Cycle Posters created by the Third Grade Classes and STEM Challenges!   Thursday-March 5th 6:00-7:00 The Fourth Graders will have the Dash Robots out showing off the Five Missions solutions for the recently completed Wonder League Robotic Competition that 31 teams from Don Gill entered this year, plus STEM Challenges!  Please also remember that the PTO is sponsoring the annual Scholastic Book Fair during Open House Week. Elementary, middle, and high school Odyssey of the Mind Regional Competition will be held at the Berwick Jr./Sr. High School on March 7th. The High School Musical, South Pacific, will be held on March 12, 13, and 14th. No School for students on March 13th  - Kindergarten Registration   Our next snow make-up day is March 27th.
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