AR Color Codes

Yellow: .2- .9

Green: 1.0 -1.5

Pink: 1.6-2.0

Orange: 2.1-2.5

Red: 2.6-3.0

Dark Blue: 3.1-3.5

Dark Green: 3.6-4.0

White: 4.1-5.0


Students need to receive 5, 100% on their current level and have at least 95% accuracy to move onto the next level.  If I feel that a student is truly not ready for a new level, I may hold them at a level. AR should not be frustrating, it should be FUN.  There is no ‘goal’ or minimum number of points that a student must achieve in First Grade.  Also, do not worry if your child comes home with a low score.  They are still working on not rushing while taking a test and reading all the questions by themselves.  It is a process and they need to learn to take their time. Please let me know if you ever have any questions.