Brandie Boyce: 100 Book Club

The 100 Book Club was designed so that your child could experience a multitude of literature throughout the school year.  Our school has set a goal for each child to read 100 books by the end of  April.  Some will meet their 100 goal much sooner, so we will reward them for the next hundred they read and so on.

Each book a child reads counts for one book read, but parents must sign their reading log in their notebook or the book doesn’t count.

Each chapter in a chapter book can be counted as 1 book read on your child’s reading log.

We will only count books read at home, not in school, unless students are struggling to complete reading 100 books.

For those students who have reached the goal of 100 books, there will be a special event planned at the end of May.

Most of all, help your child enjoy the stories they read and they will learn to appreciate words and have a better time learning them.