Heather Callahan: Classroom Management Plan

Mrs. Callahan’s Classroom Rules

In my classroom, the following rules are expected to be followed by your child (and every child):

1. Follow Mrs. Callahan’s directions.
2. Keep your hands to yourself.
3. Treat yourself, Mrs. Callahan, and others with respect.
4. Take care of our classroom.
5. Do your best work!

School rule: No teasing or bullying!

Behavior Sheet System

In order to reinforce the classroom rules, I have implemented a behavior sheet in order to communicate with you about your child’s behavior in the classroom.

A stamp or smiley face: Your child is behaving appropriately and following all classroom rules.

Warning: If your child does not follow classroom rules, he or she will be given a verbal warning.

Writing on the behavior sheet: If your child continues to behave inappropriately after his or her warning, he or she will earn writing on the behavior sheet and your child will take time to think/cool down.

Parent/Teacher Communications:

In order to make sure that you are aware of what is happening in the classroom, I will be recording how well your child behaves in the classroom each day. This information will be kept in your child’s take home notebook, on their behavior sheet. Please make sure to check your child’s behavior sheet and to discuss the sheet with your child every day. Please also make sure to sign the behavior sheet each day.

Please make sure to praise your child EVERY DAY when they bring a stamp or smiley face on his/her behavior sheet. I will make sure to let your child know that they EARN the positive mark that is written on their behavior sheet and I would appreciate if you would also communicate this to your child. If your child had a difficulty day, please talk it over with your child and discuss ways in which they can improve their behavior.

A sample behavior sheet can be found by clicking on the following: Sample Behavior Sheet