Joanne Shaw: Reading at Home and AR

The 100 Book Club and Book-It
The 100 Book Club and Book-It are two very exciting reading programs which are designed to make your child excited about reading.
Charlotte Lappla’s 100 Book Club
The 100 book club is a school wide reading program designed to encourage all of our students at Charlotte Lappla to read

For every 10 books your child reads, they will get a bubblegum on their bubblegum chart.

For every 100 books (or 10 bubblegums) your child reads, he/she will be inducted into the 100 book club (there is also 200, 300, 400, and 500 book club). The 100 book club is the goal, but your child can also strive towards the bigger goals.

Book-It is a reading program which rewards your child for reading every night. I ask for 5 minutes a night for kindergarten and 15 minutes for 1st graders. This works with the 100 Book Club, it just makes sense to participate in this program (Who doesn’t love to receive a free pizza?). For more information on the Book-It program, you can click on the following link:
Accelerated Reading Program
In your child’s homework folder you may find an AR book. AR is a program we use within the district in addition to our Rigby series. AR books will have a colored sticker on the spine of the book and a point value on the inside of the front cover. Each AR book has a short comprehensive test that goes along with the story. Your son or daughter has started the AR program if they are ready and would like to try the quizzes. Please help him/her read the story. The story may be a little challenging for him or her to read. When your child feels ready an adult or my high school aides will help your child take the AR test on the computer. AR is not used for a grade, but as a supplement to our reading program. My goal for the kindergarten and first grade students is for them to become familiar with the AR program. Thank you for all your continuous support through out the school year.
.2-.9 = Yellow
1.0-1.5 = Light Green
1.6-2.0 = Pink
2.1-2.5 = Orange
2.6-3.0 = Red
3.1-3.5 = Blue
3.6-4.0 = Green
4.1-5.0 = White
5.1-6.0 = Purple
6.1 and Over =Yellow rectangle