Laura Lightner: 100 Book Club

The 100 book club is a school wide program to get students excited about reading!  For each book a student reads or is read to at home counts as one book towards the 100 book club.  We have a goal for each student to read 100 books by the end of April.  There is a book log to complete for each book read at home.  Please be sure to sign the book log under the parent signature section.  If a student is reading a chapter book each chapter counts as a book so please be sure to mark each chapter separately.  Each morning I will be checking the reading log and handing out stickers to place on the students reading chart in the classroom.  For every ten books read the students place a gumball on their gumball machines in the hallway.  If a students reaching the 100 Book Club before April they will start charting books for the 200 book club.  Our classroom goal is to learn to love to read and to see the enjoyment it brings.  At the end of May we have a special fun day for all the students who have reached the 100 Book Club.  Please help your child reach this goal and READ READ READ!!!