Laura Lightner: Curriculum

Language Arts

Rigby Guided Reading – Our program was developed to meet each child’s individual reading level. It is based on teaching each student how to decode words, improve comprehension, and read fluently. I am excited about this program because it allows each student to progress at his or her own speed. Students are taught seven strategies to help build their reading skills.

1. Look at the pictures
2. Sound it out
3. Look for chunks
4. Skip the word
5. Go back
6. Does it make sense?
7. Ask someone for help

Handwriting Without Tears – The program that we will be using is Handwriting Without Tears, which was created by Jan Olsen, an Occupational Therapist who specializes in handwriting. The students will be developing their fine motor skills and learning proper handwriting habits to write neatly and fluently.

Kidwriting – Kidwriting is part of our daily routine during which time we focus on developmentally appropriate writing and spelling skills with attention to each child’s individual needs.

Sitton Spelling  – The first grade students will be learning how to spell the first 30 core spelling words through the Sitton Spelling program.
Kindergarten Popcorn Words
a can I my so
all do in no the
an go is on to
and has it see up
at he me she we

Kindergarten Popcorn Chunks

-an -ap -at -in -op -ot -ug

First Grade Popcorn Words

a about after all and are as at
back but came day for go got had
have he her him his I in is
it me my of on one out said
saw she so that the then there they
to up very was we went were when
with you

First Grade Popcorn Chunks

-ack -ail -ain -ake -an -and
-ap -ash -at -aw -ay -eat
-ell -est -ick -ight -ill -ing
-ink -in -ip -ir -ock -op
-or -uck -ug -um -unk

Harcourt Math is the math series that we will be using this year. Click on “Harcourt Math” above to practice math games that correlate with our math lessons. In addition, I will be teaching first grade math to the first grade students in my classroom and Mrs. Tice’s classroom.  Mrs. Tice will be teaching kindergarten math.

Social Studies

Houghton/Mifflin Curriculum. The students will learn about families, wants and needs, communities, landforms, what living was like long ago, symbols that represent America, and much more.


We will be learning about life cycles, simple machines, magnets, seasons, senses, weather, and more!