Melissa Ryan: Lunch & Snack Guidelines

It is recommended that young children receive a dietary supplements between meals to increase their focus and fulfill nutritional needs.  It is important to refuel their young minds with healthy and nutritious food.  Therefore, I have incorporated a snack time into our schedule.  Listed below are several snack options that are suggested, but feel free to send something not listed, as long as it is a non-sugary snack.

Granola Bar     Graham Crackers     Rice Cakes     Piece of Fruit     Applesauce

Vegetables & Dip     Chex Mix     Pretzels     Peanut Butter     Crackers

Cheese Sticks     Yogurt     Trail Mix     Nuts and/or Seeds     100 Calorie Snack Packs

Dry Cereal (non-sugary like Cheerios or Kix)     Muffins

We do have a water fountain in the room, but if you wish to send in a drink with your child’s snack, please consider bottled water, 100% Fruit Juice or Milk.  SODA WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

In addition, it is my experience that not all children bring in a snack.  Often families get busy, forget or are not able to send in a daily snack.  If you are in a position to send in a large bag of pretzels to keep on hand in the classroom for these occasions, please put a note in your child’s folder or email me at I will then notify you when we need the items.

* * * * *

In regards to packing your child’s snacks and lunches.  There is not a refrigerator available for storing these items.  So, if you pack something that needs to stay cold, please put an ice pack in the lunch box.  In addition, there is not a microwave available to heat any snacks and/or lunches.  If you pack something warm, please heat it at home and put in a thermos.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.