Shannon Tice: Behavior Plan/Classroom Rules

Individual Rewards

I believe in rewarding students for good behavior. When a student follows the class rules and/or is helpful, thoughtful, kind and compassionate to others, he/she will be recognized. That child will be able to choose a pom-pom and put into their bucket. Once s/he has earned 20 pom-poms then they get to pick a prize from the prize box.  I believe in positive reinforcement as my primary focus, rather than focusing just on inappropriate behavior. This idea came from the book, “How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids”.

Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions.
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  3. Try your best.
  4. Being kind to others.
  5. Raise your hand when you a have a question or you are answering a question.

What happens if the rules are broken?

1st time…….. Warning
2nd time……. I write on the behavior sheet, which goes home
3rd time…….. 5 minute time out from recess
4th time…….. 10 minute time out from recess
5th time…….. Call home
6th time…….. Visit Mr. Adams, the principal