Shannon Tice: Helpful Websites

Hello! Above is your child’s Clever Badge. This will allow your child to explore and work on some online resources that we use at school.  S/he can use the Clever Badge to log in and access some lessons on i-Ready Math and Reading Eggs. The Clever Badge will also let your child get onto Brain Pop Jr.  and Starfall to explore videos and activities in different subject areas. Mystery Science is also a fun app for your child to explore different science subjects and they usually have a hands on activity/experiment that your child can do linked with the video. Storyline Online provides videos of kids favorite story books read by famous people.

Your child has a Clever Badge at school and knows how to use it. S/he has also used all of these links in the classroom and should be familiar with them. Please feel free to explore the other apps on the Clever page as well.  Contact me if you have questions regarding any of this.

The link above explains how to use the Clever Badge/ Login Information!

These websites are a fun way for your child to review and learn new academic basics.