Shannon Tice: Homework

Homework can be fun for everyone! Homework not only helps to reinforce what your child learned in school that day, but it also allows the parents to participate in their child’s education and see what they are learning. This allows the child to feel important and also leads to greater success in school. We will be concentrating on reading and math. You will find a weekly homework  sheet in your child’s homework binder.

Reading: I would like each student to read his/her Rigby and Accelerated Reading book each night.  After listening to your child read, you can then discuss what the book was about. This is great one-on-one time for parents to spend with their child, and it gives you an opportunity to praise each goal that your child achieves.

Popcorn Words: Please review your child’s popcorn words every night. They will be located in a manila envelope. These need to be sent back to school daily.

Math: There will be math homework every night with the exception of when we have tests.  In addition, you will find several fun games and activities located in my “helpful website” link . This will help reinforce what we have been learning in the classroom with a fun twist to it.