Shannon Tice: Reading Tips for at Home

Here are a few tips to make reading go better at home. Don’t forget to read every night with your child because the only way to become a better reader is to read!
1. Look at the cover and title of the book to see what the story may be about. Point to the author and illustrator of the book.
2. “Walk” through the book together, talking about the pictures and what the story may be about.
3. Have your child try reading the book as much as possible.
4. If  your child gets “stuck” or starts to get frustrated, remind him or her to:
    * Check the picture
    * Go back and reread the sentence again
    * Reread , saying the first part of the
       word again
    * Look for word chunks
    * Think about what makes sense
5. If the book is truly to hard for your child, you need to please keep reading the book, showing them to not give up.
6. Try enjoying the story a few days in a row to build confidence.