Shannon Tice: The Phonics Dance

The phonics dance consists of chants, dances and rhymes that help the children look for letters as well as “hunks” and “chunks”. The students enhance their decoding process because of the rhyme and movement that they learn from the Phonics Dance. In addition, it gives young children one more strategy to use in their journey towards literacy.
Created by:  Ginny Dowd
The students learn the Phonics Dance in the first couple of months in
 k-1. It is broken up into two groups. The first group they consist of the letters of the alphabet and the second group is made up of hunks and chunks. The hunks and chunks help students to connect phonics blends with their reading and kidwriting. This is done daily so all the children should be familiar with it and be able to do it for you!
The hunks and chunks are:
sh, ch, th, ow, ou, oo(book), oo(boot), ing, all, ar, or, oa, igh(ight), ea, ee, ay, ai(ain), eigh, ir, ur, er, oy, oi, tion, sion, ph, kn, wr, ed, wh, aw, au, augh, ough, ew, ui, ion, ow.
“The Phonics Dance is  a spiral approach to language arts.  Initially you will see huge progress in the children’s writing.  As the students in your room learn how to “hunk” and “chunk” the carry over into reading will be an easy one.”
By:  Ginny Dowd