Spring Lohr: Book It!

Our class will start using the Book It! Program in October.  Book It! is an incentive program designed to motivate children to read.  Book It!  is affiliated with Pizza Hut.  Pizza Hut gives away a free coupon to children who meet certain reading criteria established by their classroom teacher each month.  The coupon is good for one personal pan pizza.  Coupons will be awarded to students who meet their monthly reading goal for the months October – March.

Our classroom goal for Book It! is for each child to read ten books a month.  You can record the books that your child has read on the yellow reading log just as you have been doing.  I will add up the books that your child has read at the end of each month and then award them a coupon if they have met their reading goal of ten books for the month.  This should be easy for all of our first graders to accomplish because they actually have to read more than ten books each month to accomplish our 100 Book Club goal.  Our purpose for the program is to have your children have multiple exposures to books.  The more they read, the more they succeed!!!