Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistant Program (SAP) at Charlotte Lappla Elementary identifies and helps students who are experiencing social, emotional, or physical problems that are detrimental to themselves and their success in school.  This team is made up of school personnel who take referrals about students from other students, parents, faculty, staff and administration. Referral sources may choose to remain anonymous.

All information about the referral is kept confidential.  The referred students are usually exhibiting some type of change in their academics and/or behavior which can be a result of many factors.  The team accepts all referrals, and the team will contact parents if the referral is legitimate.  The team gets information from other faculty members about that particular student’s observable behaviors (ex. sleepiness, drop in grades, change in appearance, change in social group, lack of interest in things he/she use to find interesting, etc.)

The parents and the team work together to help the referred student in the best way that they can.  This means that the SAP team is used as an intervention, not as a treatment or cure.  SAP’s goal is to refer students to appropriate services that are available.

The team members are:

Mr. Steve Adams (Principal)

Mrs. Brigette Ostrom Largey (School Counselor)

Mr. Jake Rogers (School Psychologist)

Dr. Ben Largey (School Psychologist)

Mrs. Melissa Ryan (Regular Education Teacher, Head Teacher)

Mrs. Jessica Gay (Regular Education Teacher)

Mrs. Bethany Salada (Reading Specialist)

If you would like to make a referral, you can contact any team member by phone at 570-724-1941, print and submit this Referral Form or you can submit a referral online.

A Guide for Parents/Guardians