COVID-19 Update November 25, 2020

Greetings students and families of the Wellsboro Area School District,

Our administrative team continue to analyze the current situation around COVID-19 cases in the district. We recently were notified of three additional students who are positive COVID-19 cases.  One student at Don Gill and two students at Rock L. Butler.  Relying on the recommendation from the Department of Health we determined that there were no direct close contact established at either of the school buildings.

Please continue to be diligent at not sending your child to school if they are ill. Common symptoms include lack of taste and smell along with the already identified symptoms. Monitoring your child’s health and keeping them home if ill, will provide the best opportunity for the continuation of the district’s in-person instructional model.

Thank you!

Dr. Brenda M. Freeman, Superintendent
Wellsboro Area School District