11 English

The predominant focus of this class is to prepare the students for the job market by enhancing their written and spoken communication skills and their listening comprehension skills as well.  To achieve this goal, the class will be centered among the following learning activities.

We will cover at least one or two dramas with students’ learning appropriate vocabulary and literary terminology.  The students will, of course, take the characters’ roles and will be assigned creative projects and compositions to accompany the plays.  We can choose from the plays A Raisin in the Sun, Our Town, The Miracle Worker….

The class will also read, discuss, and analyze—I hope—two novels:  Shane, and Ethan Fromeare two possibilities, and I am still looking for other appropriate novels.  Any ideas?  If so, please give me your suggestions remembering the author must be American.  All classroom reading assignments will heavily incorporate compositional elements.

The texts we will use covers the last half of our nation’s literary periods.  We will use a variety of texts and supplemental handouts, but the two major texts include Reading Literature and American Literature.  In these books we will read various texts, which include poems, short stories and historical documents.   We will read, apply literary terminology, compare and contrast, learn appropriate vocabulary…even create original text!

To prepare us for the Keystone tests, we will be working on Study Island. Students will be given plenty of advanced notification (over a week) to complete these exercises, so they will be due on the due date, regardless of a student’s absence on the day we work on them in class. It’s best for students to work ahead whenever possible.

Also, because I would like students to select their own reading materials sometimes, we will be completing an AR component. I am requiring 10 points for my 11 English students, and this will be 10% of their grade.  AR quizzes must be taken at the high school library for credit. Up to two extra points can be used as extra credit. Extra credit will be denied to students who are missing regular, assigned work at my discretion. These AR deadlines are on the community portal and on a poster in my room.  Texts we’ve read as assigned classwork may not be read for additional AR points, and I do not round points up.  I take the lowest whole number for AR points.

The grammar components will be based on each class’s level, which will be determined by the overall quality of the students’ compositions.  Grammar exercises will be limited.

Students will be given opportunities to complete creative projects assignments, and extra credit en masse is available, but not at the end of a marking period.  Please note more specific details in my grading policy.