Computer Programming

Course Syllabus

Course Overview – The C# programming language is a great place to start for a beginner to or a student looking to expand into other programming languages.  Programming offers students an invaluable opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.  The process of defining a problem, breaking it down into a series of smaller problems and writing a program to solve it is an exercise in learning to think logically.  The student will learn to recognize the capabilities and limitations of the computer and realize that the programmer or human element is more important than the machine.

Course Topics

  • Logic Gates and C# Visual Studio Environment
  • Writing Methods and Applying Scope
  • Using Decision Statements
  • Using Compound Assignment and Iteration Statements
  • Forms, Objects, Classes and Commenting Code
  • Data Types and References
  • Basic debugging techniques
  • Encapsulation and Inheritance
  • Using C with Microcontrollers