Computer Technology

Course Syllabus

Course Overview – The Computer Technology course is a great opportunity for a student to learn valuable knowledge and skills pertaining to computer technology.  The objective of this course is to provide the student with different aspects of how a computer can be used as a technological tool.  We’ll explore future trends in technology while providing a “hands-on” experience using word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, solid state components and database software.  Students will be encouraged to think, collaborate, and share different ways to attack and solve problem situations. The student will learn to recognize the capabilities and limitations of the computer and realize that the programmer or human element is more important than the machine.

Course Topics

  • History of Computers
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • Building and Using Logic Gates
  • Visual Basic Visual Studio Environment
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Using Decision Statements
  • Using Compound Assignment and Iteration Statements
  • Forms, Objects, Classes and Commenting Code
  • Access Data Basing
  • Using the C Language with Microcontrollers