Culinary Arts 1

Orientation to Culinary Arts

Orientation topics include an overview of the three-year program, classroom rules and procedures, professional work attitude, teamwork, and an individual survey.

The Food Service Industry

An overview of today’s food service industry including its history, major food and dining trends, and career opportunities.

Personal Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety

Topics covered include prevention of food-borne illness through proper handling of potentially hazardous foods, personal hygiene habits, HACCP procedures, legal guidelines, kitchen safety, facility sanitation, and guidelines for safe food preparation, storing, and reheating.

Recipes and Measurements

Recipes are an important tool in the culinary profession.  Topics will include types of recipes, structure, conversions, yield tests, measuring and weighing products, and recipe sources.

Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Topics for study include the identification and safe use of the most commonly used equipment in a commercial kitchen including that used for receiving, storage, food preparation, cooking, holding and serving.   Emphasis will be placed on the safe use of kitchen knives.

Basic Cooking Principles

An introduction to fundamental cooking theories and techniques. Topics include what happens to food when it is heated, various cooking methods, and seasoning and flavoring rules.

Breakfast Food Basics

Topics include the identification and preparation of meats, hot cereals, muffins, eggs, pancakes, waffles, and specialty breakfast items.

Soup, Stocks and Sauces

Introduction to the preparation, safe storage and appropriate use of soup, stocks and sauces.

Baking and Pastry Skill Development

An introduction to the principles and techniques used in the preparation of high quality baked goods including quick breads, cookies, and pies.   Production items will then be sold in the retail food operation

Retail Sales and Special Event Planning and Execution

Students will participate in the planning and execution of six special culinary events