Data Tools

Analyzing all the student data from year to year can be a difficult task. Thanks to advances in technology, school districts and parents have more tools and information at their fingertips. This section will outline various tools available, some for the public and some only for school personnel. Please contact your school principal or Amy L. Repard with additional questions.

There are many Data Tools available to analyze and view student data, such as:

1. PVAAS – School Personnel Only – (

PVAAS Resource Guide

PVAAS is a statistical analysis system that uses longitudinal data of students’ performances on the PSSA mathematics and reading assessments. PVAAS incorporates a mixed-model longitudinal model to estimate the growth that a cohort of students experiences during a school year. In addition, PVAAS provides projections of each individual student’s likelihood to achieve a selected proficiency level on a future PSSA examination.

2. Emetrics – School Personnel Only – (

Emetrics is designed to provide quick, easy and secured access to student performance results on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) and the Pennsylvania Alternative System of Assessment (PASA).

3. PAAYP – Open to Public – (

This website contains district and school reports that contain: Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets and results for the most recent year, the last two years and next year’s targets; and discussion of results for parents and educators.

4. School Improvement – Open to Public – (

The public portion of this website will take you to the paayp website listed under #3. There is an additional portion of this website that is available to school personnel only.

Some data tools are open to the public and others require passwords.