How Does the Child Study Team Work?

Referrals to the Child Study Team can come from anyone. The referral source will be a core team member and an important source of data regarding the referral concern. A common referral form will be available in the building guidance office. The team will always include the parent, and the team will be developed further based on the individual referral concerns.

Team member can include, but are not limited to:

Classroom Teacher
Principal / Assistant Principal
Guidance Counselor
School Psychologist
Title 1 Teacher
Supervisor of Special Education
Related Services Providers (Speech/OT/PT)

After the team is developed, the initial Child Study Team meeting will clearly identify student strengths and protective factors, as well as the referral concerns. The team will conclude the initial meeting with a team consensus on how to address the referral concern and a timeline on how the team will monitor the progress of the recommendations.

***Please provide data to support the Child Study Team referral. Data can consist of and is not limited to the following: aimswebPlus, i-Ready, STAR Reading, Study Island, PSSAs, CDTs, Title 1, Unit Tests, and Classroom-Based Assessments.