Wellsboro Area School District delivers a rigorous curriculum that is aligned to the Pennsylvania Core Standards, the Pennsylvania Academic Standards, and supports the district’s mission. The curriculum is also aligned with the assessment anchors and eligible content for the PSSA and Keystones exams. The links below include the state standards and information relating to the PSSA and Keystone exams.

PA Core Standards

PA Academic Standards

PSSA Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content

Keystone Assessment Anchors/Eligible Content

The district is divided into six academic departments with district-wide chairpersons and curriculum building representatives. The department chairpersons are as follows:

English/Language Arts:
Science: Mrs. Tina Colton
Social Studies: Ms. Sherry Mohr
Special Education: Mrs. Jessica Witmer
Applied Arts: Mrs. Tammy Giarth

The department chairpersons, building representatives, and other teachers work with Mr. Ben Miller from the administrative team to continually write, review, and update curriculum. Additionally, the curriculum team evaluates the existing instructional resources and materials and makes recommendations for new resources to adopt.

The district has committed to a comprehensive curriculum mapping project that outlines and explains the content being delivered to students. In the future, these curriculum maps will be published on this page.