WOA Cyber / Charter School Comparisons

How Does WOA Compare to Other Cyber/Charter Schools?
Cyber School Costs to the District and Taypayers

Cyber charter school tuition rates are not based on what it costs to educate its students, but on the per student expenditure of the school district from which the students come. In Cyber charter schools – where the costs are less than $5,000 per student, far less than the cost in traditional public schools or brick and mortar charter schools – payments can range from $7,800 per student to well over $40,000. This wastes more than $290 million in tax money each year, statewide. Much of that extra funding goes to advertising for cyber charter schools — but those ads may not be telling you the whole story. Check out www.paschoolswork.org/CHECK to learn more.



Parents and students can communicate directly with the online teacher through the CAOLA  / Accelerate Education platform. All teacher announcements will be made on this system and parents and students are asked to login frequently.

All emails / phone calls will be returned within 24 hours except on weekends. 

Emails can be sent to teachers directly using student/teacher email accounts or sent through the Accelerate Education Platforms which forwards those emails to your teacher.



The Wellsboro Online Academy has a variety of support structures. First and foremost, students are encouraged to maintain constant communication with their teachers. This communication can take place over the phone, email, zoom and/or by scheduling face to face meetings. Students are also encouraged to consistently monitor teacher announcements in the Buzz (Accelerate Education) by clicking on the Communication link.

Mrs. Giarth, our Online Lead Teacher, is available daily Monday through Friday to provide immediate support for technology needs and issues with the BUZZ (Accelerate Education) platform.



The Wellsboro Online Academy will provide full time online students with the necessary technology (laptops) to access the curriculum.