WOA Enrollment Information

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Wellsboro Online Academy Enrollment Information

The Wellsboro Online Academy classes follow a similar schedule to the in-school classes. Most WOA classes are full year courses, but there are some that are set up to be completed in a  semester. Although we encourage students to enroll at the beginning of each semester to allow for an increased chance of success in their online courses, we operate on an open enrollment system to meet specific needs of students.


Online Learning Options - Full Online Schedule

Students choosing this option are enrolled in all of their courses online; they are taught and maintain communication with their WASD online teachers through web technologies, but have the opportunity to schedule face to face meetings with their teachers at school.  This option allows a student and family to do 100% of their education from their home and does not require them to come into school for any part of the course if they choose not to.


Online Learning Options - Supplemental Online Schedule

Students choosing this option are enrolled in one or more online courses to supplement their traditional academic schedule; students may choose to be scheduled for a study hall to work on their online courses in school or schedule part of their day at home and part of their day at school depending on what meets the needs of the family / student.

Some students take advantage of this option to pursue work opportunities, credit   recovery or credit advancement; some students use this opportunity to free up time within their regular schedule to take electives they may not have had room for otherwise.   This option also is appropriate for students going through medical problems or mental health problems, which make it difficult for them to attend a full day of school.



The Wellsboro Online Academy has adopted the Accelerate Education Curriculum and Learning Management system for grades     K-12. This curriculum has a robust library of standards aligned courses. In addition, Accelerate Education provides a wide array of courses to support career pathways and AP level curriculum. These courses are taught by Wellsboro Area School District teachers.


Enroll with WOA Today!
Contact Dr. Ben Largey, Coordinator of WOA or Mrs. Tammy Giarth, Online Lead Teacher if you would like more information about our online program.


(570)724-2306 (office) 

(570)362-1109 (cell)


(570)724-3547 (office)

(570)948-1600 (cell)


New to Wellsboro Area School District?

If you are new to WASD please contact Joyce Butler, at the District Administration Office for information on how to register your child.



High School Students

After enrollment into the WOA program, ALL HS students (9-12) must speak with their Guidance Counselor to schedule courses.  If your last name begins with the letter A to L, your Guidance Counselor will be Mr. Rendos.  If your last name begins with the letter M to Z, your Guidance Counselor will be Mrs. Harmon.

Mrs. Tanya Harmon 

(570) 724-0325 / tharmon@wellsborosd.org

Mr. Matt Rendos 

(570) 724-0325 / mrendos@wellsborosd.org