WOA Guidelines & Expectations


New students who enroll in one or more online courses at the beginning of the semester will be required to attend an orientation session with their parents. This session will review the policies and procedures of the Wellsboro Online Academy, login information and site navigation. 

Students (along with parents) enrolling in the middle of the semester will be required to meet with Mrs. Giarth, Online Lead Teacher or their Guidance Counselor to review orientation materials (Handbook).


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While all WOA classes are asynchronous (students may work at their own pace and are not required to login at specific times for live lessons), students are expected to log into their online courses consistently to maintain progress. Teachers will monitor student progress weekly. Attendance requirements will be fulfilled for students who are completing assigned work with passing scores. For students not completing required work or receiving failing scores, a weekly report will be generated that provides documentation of the hours the student has logged into each course. Illegal absences will be recorded for days in which a student does not login. 


WOA classes all follow a similar format. Each course follows a course pacing guide that outlines due dates for all graded assignments, projects, and assessments throughout the semester. Although students are encouraged to adhere to the pacing guide, late assignments are accepted until the end of each quarter.