Title I

Wellsboro Area School District receives Title 1 federal funding to improve educational opportunities for children. Title 1 programs are intended to help students in reading, language arts and mathematics. Parents may contact their child’s school to ensure that professional employees are, by definition, appropriately state certified in order to do so, parents would contact the building principal of their child’s school.

Director of Federal Programs/Principal of Academic Affairs

Amy Coots
(570) 724-4424

Principal Contact Information:

Charlotte Lappla Elementary School
Principal: Steve Adams
Phone: (570) 724-1941

Don Gill Elementary School
Principal: Steve Adams
Phone: (570) 724-1811

Rock L. Butler Middle School
Principal: Robert Kreger
Assistant Principal: Ben Miller
Phone: (570) 724-2306

Wellsboro Area High School
Principal: Jeremy Byrd
Assistant Principal: Todd Outman
Phone: (570) 724-3547