Mrs. Nuss: Accelerated Reader (AR)

Upon completion of an “AR” book, the students take a quiz, through the Accelerated Reader program, on the computer. The level at which your child selects AR books is individualized according to his or her reading ability.  The “STAR” quiz (a computerized quiz of reading comprehension) may be used to determine your child’s reading level. There are multiple levels to progress through.  The program requires a 92% quiz average before a student is permitted to move to the next level.

All students are assigned a number of points each marking period, referred to as their “goal,”  which they must achieve by reading books and passing quizzes.  The number of points is individualized according to the child’s reading ability.  You will receive a paper each marking period to let you know your child’s current AR goal and reading level(s).

There are many books within our classroom for the children to select from.  Books may also be chosen from outside our classroom as long as they are within the child’s current level and have an accompanying AR quiz.  If you would like to check a particular title for a quiz or level, please use the following link: .

A student’s achievement in the AR program is a part of his/her reading grade for each marking period in 2 ways:  completion of goal and overall quiz average.  For example, a student who has completed his or her goal and has an overall quiz average of 90% would get two scores: 100% for goal completion and 90% for comprehension.

If at anytime you have questions pertaining to AR, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  It can be a lot to keep track of, but I am here to help.