Brenda Brought: Homework

Please note:  for the 2020-21 school year, only reading and spelling words will be assigned as homework.


Homework is extremely beneficial in reinforcing a child’s daily work.  It also allows parents to participate in their child’s academics, which leads to greater success in school.  In our class, there are 3 main expectations for homework:  math, reading, and spelling. Your child will have a homework log (kept inside their green folder) in which they will write daily homework assignments. Please help your child as needed with homework, check for accuracy, sign the log, and return all homework in the green folder each day.

Reading:  Each evening, your child will bring home an Accelerated Reader book in his or her folder.  Students are asked to read the book and discuss it with a family member.  As a guideline, please see that your child spends at least 20 minutes reading his or her book daily.  It is not necessary to finish the book in one day.  The same book may be taken home as many days as needed.  After completing the book, the students take a quiz, through the Accelerated Reader program, on the computer.  Please see the link pertaining to the Accelerated Reader program for more detailed information.

Math:  A math practice paper will be sent home each day, Monday through Thursday.  This will correlate with our lesson for that day in math.  Please help your child as needed.  It is an excellent opportunity for you to assess the extent to which your child is understanding our current math topic.

Spelling:  Each Friday, a new list of spelling words will be sent home for the upcoming week.  Spelling tests are on Thursdays.  Please help your child study the spelling list each evening, in preparation for the weekly test.