Brenda Brought: Language Arts

Our Pearson “Reading Street” series provides the foundation for our language-arts instruction. Through this reading series, we work with many types of literature, comprehension skills, reading strategies, decoding, fluency-building,  writing activities, and projects to extend and enrich our reading.  Our reading instruction includes whole-group lessons as well as guided-reading groups which focus on the student’s individual level. The “Reading Street” program also includes daily instruction in English and grammar concepts such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, contractions, capitalization, etc.

On a daily basis, we also work on Sitton spelling.  This spelling program emphasizes the study of letter-sound relationships and their application to everyday writing.  The spelling words are practiced in a variety of spelling activities as they are repeated or “recycled” week-to-week, leading to mastery of high-frequency words that elementary students must use most often in their writing.

Our handwriting program is called “Handwriting Without Tears”.  This is the same program that your child is familiar with from kindergarten and first grade.  In 2nd grade, we will begin cursive instruction mid-way through the year.  In 3rd grade, practice will continue to refine cursive handwriting.

Writing is a part of our daily routine, during which time we focus on developmentally appropriate writing and spelling skills with attention to each child’s individual needs. In 2nd grade, we begin to write in paragraph-format in the fall,  extending to 3-paragraph essays by the end of the year.

We are also busy throughout the day taking quizzes on books we have read for the Accelerated Reader program, a crucial component in building reading comprehension.  If you would like to check the title of a particular book for its level or corresponding quiz, please use

IXL is an online learning site which address all Pa. standards in reading and math.  We utilize it daily to improve skills in all areas.