Carla Starkweather: Volcano Parts

Type of Activity

Blended Classroom

Name of Activity

Parts of a volcano



Grade Level


Number of Students Participating

Approx 17

Standards Addressed

Common Core

(If you do not use the Common Core please indicate and link what standards you reference here:_______________)



Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Students will:  1. Describe what happens when a volcano erupts, 2. Draw and label the parts of a volcano






Equipment (non-tech):

Model, paint, paper

Equipment (tech):

Chromebooks, whiteboard


Acceptable Use Policy


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Web 2.0 Tools


Name of Tool:

See Saw


Access information  and post work

Name of Tool:

Ed puzzle


Watch video and answer questions


Learning Plan 


Inquiry Hook:

I am hot, cannot always be seen, and can cause damage.  What am I?


Activity Procedure:

  1.  Introduce topic and share in online KWL
  2. Get on See Saw classroom for information
  3. Watch Ed puzzle video
  4. Draw online draft and share parts on See Saw using pictures and classroom model
  5. Draw and paint on paper the volcano parts
  6. Post picture on See Saw with narration
  7. Complete knowledge learned post


Assessment Strategy::

Video questions, picture of model, narration



Subject Integration:

Subjects included were reading, writing, speaking, science, social studies

Identify how the activity may be integrated into other subject areas.


Optional Student Sample 

Insert link to, or image(s) of, student samples below.