Heather McCabe: AR information

Your child should be taking an AR book home every night to read independently or aloud to someone to help with fluency. According to their level and the amount of time they should be spending reading their book, each child was assigned a number of points to earn by the end of the marking period. Usually students are given about 20 minutes of reading in class and they are expected to read about 10 minutes at home. If they have a book that is not a chapter book, they should read their story carefully two times to reinforce fluency and comprehension. If they finish reading before 10 mins is over a great way to review would be to have the students summarize the story or parents can ask follow up questions about the story read. Every week, (usually Fridays) I will check their progress in their reading level and if I feel they are ready, I will assign them a new level. A reading report will also come home with your child letting you know their progress. Parents and children may also check the books that have been read by the child by getting on the renaissance webpage: https://hosted260.renlearn.com/25566/

More information: Accelerated Reader information

If your child reaches their goal by the end of the marking period, they will be able to participate in a grade wide reward to celebrate their success. If they do not, they will read with an assigned teacher to get more practice and ensure they reach their goal for the following marking period.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.