Heather McCabe: Discipline and reward incentives in the classroom

We will be using the Class DOJO online application to track your child’s behavior. Throughout the day your child has opportunities to earn DOJO points for positive behaviors they display in the classroom and beyond. You will be able to see how your child is doing throughout the day anytime you check in from your electronic device. Students also understand that there are behavior they may display which they may need to work on and will be given a warning before they begin to lose DOJO points from their points bank and receive training time to improve their behavior. We have a behavior colored stick system as well in the classroom that serves as a visual for students. Each colored stick represents a certain rule we follow in the classroom. When they break that rule, they get that colored stick in their chart and they are aware of what rule they need to work on.

Every other Friday they will be able to take the points they earned and spend them on a reward of their choice from our DOJO menu or they can choose to save up for something they want that is worth more points.

Class DOJO has many other features such as a messaging system to communicate between the parent and teacher as well as a Class board where events and pictures can be shared updating parents on what is happening in the classroom.


*Students will only be receiving behavior reports home if they reached any of the time out/training session during the school day. Students will fill out a think sheet if this occurs as well to show parents what behavior was being displayed. They will then have to sign these papers and return them back to school.