Heather McCabe: School Closure Activities

At Home Educational Online Web Sites

In order to access some of the apps and activities we complete in our classroom, your child will need to access their “Clever” page. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to do so. Please contact me on Class Dojo if you need help!

How to access Clever

How to Stay in Touch
Please check in daily to Class Dojo for daily updates and posts on our Class Story Feature.

This Week’s Assignments
June 1-4.pdf

Previous Lesson assignments

May 25-29.pdf
May 18-22.pdf
May 11-15


Previous Online Activities
Week 3: 3/30-April 3
Monday Activities March 30
Tuesday activities March 31.docx
Wednesday activities April 1
Thursday activities April 2
Friday activities for April 3

Week 4
April 6-9th activities

Week 5
April 14-17

Week 6
April 20-24.pdf

Week 7
April 27-May1

Here are digital copies of the ELA and Math activities that were sent home as packets for those without internet. Feel free to use any of these for more reinforcement in the objectives we are addressing with our online assignments.

At home math packet
At home ELA packet

Mrs. McCabe’s Baking Show 🙂
See how we use math in the kitchen (measurement, fractions, multiplication)
Baking Part 1
Baking Part 2
Baking Part 3
Baking Part 4
Baking Part 5

Book: Wonder Read alouds
Monday, March 23
Wonder Part 1
Wonder Part 2

Tuesday, March 24
Wonder read aloud 3
Wonder Read aloud 4

Wednesday, March 25
Wonder Read aloud 5

Part 6: Thursday, March 26th Wonder
Part 7: Friday, March 27 Wonder
Part 8: Ch.80-83: Wonder Read aloud March 30
Part 9: Ch.84-87: Wonder Read aloud March 31
Part 10: Ch. 88-90: Wonder Read aloud April 1
Part 11: Ch.91-92: Wonder Read aloud April 2
Part 12: Ch. 93-95 Wonder Read Aloud April 3
Part 13: Ch.96-99 Wonder Read aloud April 6
Part 14: Ch.100-103 Wonder read aloud April 7
Part 15: Ch.104-106 Wonder read aloud April 8
Part 16: Ch.107-108 Wonder read aloud April 9