Jenn Sporer: Homework

Students are required to bring home their ‘Take Home  Folder‘ daily. Inside the folder will be an Assignment sheet with slots for Reading, Spelling and Math. Parents are asked to sign off on the completion of assignments by the student, each night. In front of the Assignment Sheet will be their homework, and on the opposite side will be any and all papers that were passed back throughout the day. Please take time to look over your student’s work and discuss any questions, comments or concerns with them.

Reading: Accelerated Reader

Students should be reading 30 minutes a day minimum for AR. We have 30 minutes built into our school day schedule on most days, for reading independently or for reading with their Reading group. Statistics show that reading with your child, and having your child read with you, is incredibly beneficial both now and in the future. I encourage families to read nightly when possible.

Students will typically have Math homework each night, usually consisting of one page – front and back. The worksheet is very similar to what we have done in class, or it’s a review of a topic that we’ve covered recently, for extra practice. There will be times when a Math packet is sent home to be completed over a course of a few days, in which case students can work at their own pace, and as time allows.

Students will receive their weekly Spelling list on Monday – with a 3 times each writing practice as homework. Students should be studying for their Spelling test throughout the week at home. They will be given a weekly practice packet on Tuesdays (to be sent home on Thursday) for optional review if they choose to complete it. Wednesday homework always involves a Take Home Task, which is practice for the Skills Test portion of their Friday Spelling test.