Leah Mosher: Math Workbook Pages/Homework

HOMEWORK POLICY: Homework allows for extended independent practice of key concepts. Expect homework assignments in Math and Reading every night. Occasionally, other subjects will be assigned, such as reviewing material for tests.
*Worksheets will be found in the Agenda/Binder.

Homework Grade: Students will have a Math Homework Grade again this year. It will be calculated by completion. For example, if we have 10 assignments throughout the marking period, and your child completes all 10, a 100% will be averaged into the Math grade. If he or she misses one, it would equal a 90%, etc. The total amount of assignments may vary between marking periods and groups.

Lesson 19 Instruction

Lesson 19 Homework

Lesson 19 Homework Answers

Lesson 21 Instruction

Lesson 21 Homework

Lesson 21 Homework Answers