Leah Mosher: Spring 2020 – Learning Activities from Home

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Math videos created by Mrs. Mosher and kids
http://www.youtube.com/ (My channel is iMosher.uLearning)

Daily Activities while you’re learning from home: (Updated 4/30/20)

Lesson Plans April to June 2020

4thGrHomePacket ** Read directions and specific problem numbers carefully

FUN FRIDAY: ** Can complete more for extra practice
5/8 Comparing Decimals Lesson (Only complete pages 3-12)
5/8 Comparing Decimals Activity (Only complete page 4)
5/15 Area and Perimeter Lesson (Only complete pages 4-10)
5/15 Area and Perimeter Activity (Only complete pages 3, 4 and use 15 to draw city)
5/22 Elapsed Time Lesson (Complete all)
5/22 Elapsed Time Activity (Only complete pages 3-4)
5/29 Symmetry Lesson (Complete all)
5/29 Symmetry Activity (Only complete page 7 and 13)
5/29 Symmetry Activity Minecraft Characters


(Add and Subtract Decimals) Life Events Video Example
– Students start with a $1,000 and have unexpected life events occur by choosing a card
– Keep an ongoing Register in their checkbook
– Write checks for withdrawals

(Elapsed Time) Going to the Movies! Video Example
– By looking at movie showtimes, answer questions about elapsed time

(Probability) ProbabilityM&Ms
– Learn different types of probability
– Can use any type of candy or different colored objects
– Probability can be written in a fraction

(Multiples) Let’s Get Moving
– Practice multiples while doing exercises


(Change M.Numbers to I.Fractions) Mixed Number and Improper Fractions Worksheet
– Multiply, add, denominator to change mixed numbers to improper fractions
– Long division to change improper fractions to mixed numbers
(Match Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Nerf Gun) https://youtu.be/KTs2Fxi8du0

(Geometry Vocabulary Poster) Angles Poster , Lines Vocab Poster
– Make a poster with the vocabulary in both examples
– Be Creative: Use straws, pipe cleaner, Q tips, toothpicks, etc. to make angles and line relationships on a poster. Make sure to label with the vocab. word
(Line Bingo) Line Bingo Game

(Multiplication Facts) Multiplication Test
(Multiplication Practice) Multiplication Minecraft
(Multiplication Games) Multiplication Printable Board Games
(Multiplication Puzzles) Multiplication Logic Puzzles

(Long Division) Long Division Steps
(Long Division) Longdivision-2-3-digitdividends
(Long Division) Longdivision3-digitdividends

(Place Value – Cut/Paste – Basic Review) Place Value Blocks
(Place Value – Dice Game) Place Value Dice Game


TUESDAY 3/24 (Comparing Fractions w/ Dominoes – Intro) https://youtu.be/PMpl-0cJlJ0
TUESDAY 3/24 (Comparing Fractions w/ Dominoes) https://youtu.be/VD3pNzuYHyI
WEDNESDAY 3/25 (STEM and Measurement) https://youtu.be/N8iIxrd_o8c
THURSDAY 3/26 (Multiplication Egg Hunt – Intro) https://youtu.be/K-V3GM_6kgU
THURSDAY 3/26 (Multiplication Egg Hunt – Products) https://youtu.be/q2lHVqr6kLY
FRIDAY 3/27 (Polygon Play) https://youtu.be/cAGaaZj-L7Y