Matt Hildebrand: Websites/Daily Activities

Scholastic news– Student Password- Hildebrand1

Ed Helper– Free worksheets and practice– Computer Science Code activities.

Generation Genius- Energy Video –Energy Video 3/20/20

DIY Generation Genius Activity– Energy Activity 3/20/20

Earth’s Rotation and Orbit– Generation Genius Video 3/23/20

DIY Sundial activity– Earth’s rotation activity 3/23/20

Structure of living things video– Gen Genius video 3/24/20

Animal Structure Kahoot 3/24/20

DIY Glider-3/24/20

Ms. Farrer’s ELA resources/News

Mrs. Mosher’s Math Resources and News

Gen. genius Water Cycle video– 3/25/20

DIY Solar Water Bowl Project 3/25/20

Water Cycle Kahoot 3/25/20

Gen Genius- Animal and plant adaptations 3/26/20

Adaptations Kahoot 3/26/20

Ducksters Geography 3/27/20 Use this link to complete the S.S. activity found in your Google Classroom.