Steven Henneman: Grade 2 Enrichment Sites


This 2nd grade page is just the beginning for multiple links to marvelous sites for reading, writing, language arts and math. Use the large arrow pointing to the right at the top and progress through websites for grades K, 1, 3, 4, and 5 also.

Your student may never get through all the online activities on this website! There are multiple activities for all subjects;jsessionid=861FA0CDD6BA882B45477889B8EA7B15

Even though we don’t use their classroom materials, the activities are good for students at the listed grade levels.

This is a site with many varied activities. I did find the AAA math site VERY frustrating until I could figure out how to get more than one problem. Click on the “Report Totals” button.

There are multiple links to various levels of skill for each subject. A word of caution to parents that a few “games” for older children ask for an email address in order to “return game results.” It is stated that email addresses are not kept. Writer’s Block asks for your opinion and will post student responses. Parent supervision is recommended to teach students about this type of activity online. The website does state that people giving last names will not be posted.


Here you will find illustrated and sometimes animated stories for children. Some of them will be read to the student when the speaker is clicked on.

Your second grade student will enjoy reading the fable and having a wide variety of activities to follow.

This is a wonderful resource even though it’s a little tricky to understand how to use it. Be patient as you explore. I found the standard view the best. Blowing up the image may require you to “rearrange” the page so you can see everything, but I think it is worth it.

This is one of many websites that lists reading levels so you can help your student pick a “just right book” to read.


This website reviews the proofreading skill and then delivers sentences for proofreading without clues. If students really rewrite the sentences, this is good keyboarding practice also.


This site lists spelling words, patterns and strategies for all elementary levels. There are puzzle areas, writing prompts, and other useful resources.

Select Spellbound and your K-3 students can practice their spelling skills. This requires Shockwave.

This website has a collection of games for practicing different spelling patterns. Shockwave is required.

This website has various levels of activities. Practice pattern recognition through a game format.


This is a website for grades 1-3 to practice basic skills while playing games. It might be a little frustrating if the students don’t get things in exactly the right spot.

Online flashcards that  are wonderful! Check out the money flashcards with your students.