Foster Care/Homeless Liaison

ECYEH Mission and History

On July 22, 1987, the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act became public law. This was the first comprehensive federal law dealing with the problems of homelessness. Included in the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act, it is now called the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvement Act of 2001 (Public Law 107-110. Subtitle B).

The main objective of the ECYEH program is to make sure homeless youth have access to appropriate education while removing barriers that homeless children face. Its goal is to have the education process continue as uninterrupted as possible while the children are in homeless situations. Some of the other objectives of our program are to inform school districts of their responsibilities to homeless children and youth, increase awareness about the needs of homeless children, explain current legislation and policies and provide practical tips for working with homeless children.

This booklet provides information about the program.

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Useful Links

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Birth Certificate Fee Waiver Form

For further information please contact Dr. Brenda Freeman, Superintendent at (570) 724-0303 or Karen Farrer, Supervisor of Special Education/Homeless Liaison, at (570) 724-0369.