Connectors PLUS

The Connectors PLUS program serves all students, grades 9 – 12, at Wellsboro Area High School.

Student “Connectors,” or mentors:

  • Assist freshmen and new students adjust to the high school
  • Provide peer support in a safe and confidential manner
  • Make referrals to school and district services
  • Engage in a variety of activities that benefit our classmates

If you or someone you know would like the help of a Connector, please see Mrs. Burrous (Room 208) or Ms. Mohr (Room 209).

Connectors PLUS Mission Statement

The Wellsboro Area High School Connectors PLUS program was instituted to serve the student body in a mentoring and peer support capacity.

As committed members of this service group, we will:

  • Act as mentors and positive role models for the freshmen class as we help them acclimate to their new educational and social environment;
  • Provide requested peer support to 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students;
  • Assist our classmates in coping with the stressors that exist both within as well as outside of high school;
  • Engage students in peer mediation in an effort to resolve conflicts;
  • Make appropriate referrals to the guidance office, administrators, school nurse, Student Assistance Team, or other high school faculty/staff;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of our classmates and peers when providing support and guidance;
  • Cooperate with the Safe Zone teachers to best serve our fellow students;
  • Offer tutoring in major subject areas;
  • Support the best interests of the students at Wellsboro Area High School; and finally,
  • Strive to improve the Connectors PLUS program and help it evolve into a service that meets the unique needs of all Wellsboro High School students