Subscription Databases

Use Subscription Databases when you:

  • need full-text resources and indices.
  • need reliable research based information.
  • need up-to-date information.

For access to the School District’s Power Library, you must be on the District’s network and on the link for your specific building. If you need to use Power Library at home, you can go to the Green Free Library’s website and access it with your GF library card number.

Charlotte Lappla & Don Gill Power Library

Rock L. Butler Power Library

High School Power Library

Meta-Search Engines

Use Meta-Search Engines when you:

  • want to get an overview of what information is available on a subject.
  • want to test your keywords to see how many relevant links are listed.
  • want to compare the results of various search engines.

Subject Directories

Use subject directories when you want to learn more about broad topics like:

  • general topics
  • current events
  • popular topics
  • specialized directories
  • product information

Search Engines

Use Search Engines when you:

  • are looking for specific information.
  • need to find a quick fact.
  • need to see how much information is available on a subject.
  • want many links, but are not concerned about the quality of the links.
  • are completing an exhaustive search.