Welcome to WHS SADD Club. This site is dedicated to informing you, our school and town community, of events sponsored by the Wellsboro High School SADD club. Our mission is to help all students across the district. As a group, we are committed to becoming effective peer leaders. The group is dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving, teen violence, and teen depression and suicide.


To provide students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.


The SADD national office is located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. In 1981, it was founded by Robert Anastas of Wayland High School. Pennsylvania founded their first chapters in 1982 along with other school districts from Massachusetts, Arizona, North Carolina, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Maine. In 1985 SADD chapters were established internationally in Germany and Guam. By 2006, SADD celebrated “25 Years of Empowering Youth” at the National Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Contract for Life

Every member of the WHS SADD club must have a signed Contract for Life document on file with the advisor’s to be able to participate in the club’s activities. Visit the link below to printout your copy.

Contract for Life