Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The online SAP form is only monitored during school times and is not monitored during vacations such as Winter or Spring Break. If this is an emergency, please notify 911 or an adult.

High School SAP Referral Link

Wellsboro High School’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) Team is made up of teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, administrators, mental health workers, and drug & alcohol specialists from the community who want to help students overcome barriers to learning. This core team is highly trained in the SAP process and procedures.


C – Connect

O – Observe

R – Reach

E – Empower

Pennsylvania SAP teams are designed to assist school personnel to identify students struggling with issues such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and mental health issues and assist them in overcoming these barriers to learning. The primary goal of the SAP team is to help students by providing supports so they can remain in school, achieve, and advance.

The (4) phases of the SAP process are:

  1. Referral
  2. Team Planning
  3. Intervention & Recommendations
  4. Support & Follow up

The SAP team is NOT a treatment program NOR does it diagnose or provide therapy for problems.  However, we may refer students to outside resources and treatment programs when needed.

Anyone may refer someone to the SAP Team. Some common referrals are:

-Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
-Drop in grades
-Talking about suicide
-Academic or behavioral difficulties
-Eating disorders
-Little interest in usual activities

Referral Process Is Available Online:

  2. Wellsboro HS tab
  3. Student tab
  4. SAP referral link

Any and all referrals are CONFIDENTIAL.

Click here for Student Assistance Process in Pennsylvania flow chart


Ms. Elizabeth Hoover – Room 110

Mrs. Mindy Kramer – Room 164

Ms. Sherry Mohr – Room 209

Ms. Jodi Niver – Room 207

Guidance Office

Mrs. Tanya Harmon – Guidance Office

Mr. Matthew Rendos – Guidance Office


Mrs. Sharon O’Shea – Nurses Office

Mrs. Alice Nowak – Nurses Office


Mrs. Emily Ostrom-Graham – Main Office

Mr. Todd Outman – Main Office

MH/D&A Counseling

Coleen Evert – Mental Health

Kelly Mulhern – Mental Health

Jane Palmer – Drug & Alcohol