Good Evening Hornet Family!

Today the Governor announced that ALL PA SCHOOLS WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  While this is disappointing for our educational community, it is necessary to keep everyone safe.  We are a strong community and my greatest wish at this time is for every member our community to stay healthy and safe.
This week, we started a structured practice/enrichment schedule for our students.  We still have a little more work to be done in order for us to move from practice/enrichment to full instruction. Keep in mind that there are many obstacles such as technology, internet availability, content availability, etc. Our goal is to keep ALL of our students learning. We have prepared practice/enrichment opportunities, in a structured manner, to continue until April 13th.

However, with the new announcement for extended school closures we will provide the following schedule:\

Every day, have your child log into their teacher/course page assignments. If you are a K-1 student, you will access information on the Charlotte Lappla Website page, second – fourth grade will access information on the Don Gill Website page, fifth – eighth will access information on Rock L. Butler Website page, and all ninth – twelfth grades will access information on the high school web portal.

Keep in mind that Friday, April 10th and Monday, April 13th is our Easter break. We will eliminate the snow make up day scheduled for April 14th. This will now be a day of learning for all students.  All parent teacher conferences scheduled for April 2and 3rd have been canceled. These will be full student learning days as well.

You can locate our Continuity of Education Plan on our website and this will also assist you with locating student assignments.

Lunches will still be provided this week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I will post the schedule for lunches for next week soon.

As soon as I know additional information, I will post another blog.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this uncharted territory.