Greetings Wellsboro Community! I want to send my heartfelt thank you to all who have responded to our needs during this uncertain closure time.  The Wellsboro School District family is grateful!  Schools, while closed, remain vigilant at providing students with resources.  As we go through this coming week please check your student(s)’ school portal or teacher webpage.  Teachers are being extremely creative sending posts, videos, and messages home to students. Unique times call for unique measures and our administrators, teachers, and staff have been eager to answer that call of genuine uniqueness. 

There are many unanswered questions at this time, but we are actively seeking guidance from the Governor and Secretary of Education. Things that seem simple have so many moving parts that make it difficult to respond in a timely manner.  Pennsylvania must follow PA regulations and mandates as well as Federal regulations and mandates.  Many of these mandates and regulations come through local and federal legislation.  Therefore, we must wait for waivers or exemptions. For now, please know that we are a Hornet Family!  Teachers will be contacting you via phone, online, or chats. Let’s pull together and keep our community STRONG.