Plan for Returning to School

Good Evening,

Today was very active again putting together our plan for returning to school.  For now, the Governor is proposing that schools reopen for students on April 9 which is a Thursday.  April 10th is Good Friday and April 13th is Easter Monday, which is recognized as a holiday.  Our calendar has a snow make up day on Tuesday, April 14th.  If the Governor were to reopen schools for students on April 9th, we would use the April 14th snow day on April 9th and return to school as the first student day on April 14th. Keep in mind that all of this is subject to change if the Governor orders that our schools remain closed for additional days.

I will try to answer a few questions that I know are on your mind:

1. Marking Period and grades:
Our regular marking period would have ended today- March 25.  Our last student day was on March 12th.  March 13th was counted as an ACT 80 day; which counts as a student’s attendance day. Since they were not able to continue to receive grades and turn in any make up work, we will give a grace period for students to complete assigned and make up work PRIOR to March 13th.   The new marking period assignments will begin on April 14th. If this changes, I will keep you updated.

2. What is my student supposed to be doing at home while we are in the school closure period?
Teachers are working at home to prepare enrichment and practice items for students while at home.  You may contact your building administrator if you have any questions regarding these items. Email is the best way to communicate at this time.  Steve Adams Principal – Charlotte Lappla and Don Gill Elementary Schools:  Rob Kreger, Principal, Ben Miller Assistant Principal – Rock L. Butler Middle School:, Jeremy Byrd Assistant Principal, Todd Outman, Dean of Students- Wellsboro High School:,  Many of your teachers have already contacted you to encourage your student and inform them of the enrichment/practice opportunities.  During this time, there are no assignments with due dates or grades. I will be posting additional information on this topic soon. For now, we need to get through the next two weeks to see what our direction is from the State level.

3. Today both the House and Senate passed the SB 751 relating to our school closure period.  It is now in the hands of the Governor to sign before it becomes law.

What SB 751 does for our students is:

a) lesson the required 180 instructional days for this school year only.

b) waives the testing requirements for state testing such as PSSA, PASA, Keystone, etc.  Superintendents are waiting on clarification as to what that means for Keystone Exam courses. Please DO NOT worry if your student is taking a keystone course. My guidance has been that no student will be harmed by not completing the test this year.

c) waives the NIMS and NOCTI exam for our vocational students

4.  What does this school closure mean for seniors?  We are working diligently on keep our school calendar as close to actual dates as possible.  This is true even if we are to remain closed for a longer period of time. While this may change due to circumstances out of my control, it is my intent to keep as much normalcy for our students as possible.

5. What will happen if schools remain closed for a longer period of time?  We are working very hard at providing options for our students.  We understand that all students may not have access to internet or adequate cell phone coverage at their homes.  One of our options is to supply packets to be sent home. again, further information will be coming as we work through the next several weeks.

We care about each and every one of our students. We are doing our best during this unprecedented time to think outside of the box.  Rest assured that we are a Hornet Family.  Teachers, staff, administrators, Board Directors and I miss our students!  However, students must remain at home during the next 14+ days.

Stay home and stay safe!  I will try to update you again tomorrow, if I have learned anything new.