Stay At Home

Greetings Hornet Family!

Yesterday, the Governor declared a Stay At Home order for all of Pennsylvania residents until April 30th.   Since then, I have had many more meetings to better understand how education’s role in this order is applied.  The information provided to all PA Superintendents is that, for now, we are to stay on schedule to continue to provide either practice/enrichment and/or new planned instruction. We have been providing practice/enrichment items for all students for two weeks now. If you visit your child’s school building webpage, you will be provided with links to those items.  We are continuing to explore our options for new learning with graded assignments.  Our goal is to have opportunities for new instruction begin on April 14th.  However, keep in mind that our direction may change daily. Please be patient as we work through many moving parts.

We have gathered information relating to access to the internet, cell phone coverage, and need for technology.  However, not all of our families have responded to the many phone calls made.  It is critical for our district that EVERY parent responds to the calls regarding need in their household.  If you have not replied, please email your building principal to provide the information. Charlotte Lappla and Don Gill =,  Rock L. Butler =, Wellsboro High School =

There are many resources that are available for continued learning.  One website that I am recommending is Lehigh Valley Learns.   This site has lessons and activities for even the youngest members in your household.  Thanks to a partnership with Blue Ridge Communications, they have added channel 124 Lehigh Valley Learns to their lineup.  There are daily lessons and activities via cable that students may obtain if they do not have the internet but have Blue Ridge Communications as their cable provider. I realize that not all of our families are able to obtain Blue Ridge Communications, but for those that are, this is just another resource.

Our lunch program will resume again next week with the same schedule as the last few weeks:

Monday, Wednesday,THURSDAY   noon – 2:30 PM and 4:30 – 6:00 PM.  Both locations: Wellsboro Fire Hall Annex and Truck- Lite Parking Lot will still be in operation.  There will be no Friday pick up next week.
I cannot say thank you enough to all the volunteers who assist in making this happen!

I do have clarification on a PennLive post this morning.  The Governor was reported as saying that schools may pass students along to the next grade level if they were passing their grade/courses as of March 13th.  This is not an accurate statement. The Governor was responding to a questioned asked by a reporter if he would consider doing so.  As of today, we have had no communication relating to such a position.

For now, stay at home, stay safe, and stay healthy.