This Week Marks the Beginning of a New Form of Instruction for our Students

This week marks the beginning of a new form of instruction for our students.  The high school has begun full online instruction. Please make sure to check with your child to confirm that he/she is participating in each of his/her assigned courses.  Students log into their online student portal to obtain each course information. Parents may also view the student portal using their assigned username and password. If you are experiencing any difficulties logging into the portal, please reach out to our online tech support: or call: 570-948-2847.

Beginning Monday, April 20th, all students in grades 3-8 will also be participating in full online instructions. However, this does not mean that they do not attend school daily through remote learning. The middle school needed an addition week to prepare materials due to all students acquiring technology from the building.

K- 2 will continue with practice/enrichment activities for just a short time longer.  I will update you more on this tomorrow as the Secretary of Education will provide additional guidance for all PA schools to follow for the remainder of the school year.  Packets of student work were mailed to all K-2 students last week. Additional packets for students who cannot participate in online instruction are being mailed home this week.

Safety has been the focus at the State level throughout this pandemic.  Guidance on education has been focused on safety and welfare first, with additional guidance to follow. Please understand that we are in a continual changing process. While this feels unnatural and even unorganized I assure you that we have been planning our process daily.  With ever changing guidelines coming from the State we must adhere to frequent change. I apologize for all of the confusion during this time, but WASD has the best interest or our students at heart! We will come through this together, stronger than ever.

April is Family Reading month.  I am sure that you have been doing a lot of family reading already this month.  However, set some special time aside each day to make reading fun for your family.

• Help your child summarize a story using these questions:

• Who or what is the story about?

• When or where does the story take place?

• What happens first?

• What happens next?

• How does the story end?

• What lesson did the character learn?

• Read books aloud to your child on a regular basis. No matter your child’s age, reading aloud to him/her

is a great bonding experience.

• Provide opportunities for shared reading. In a shared reading, you take turns reading aloud with your

child. This could be taking turns reading a page or a paragraph.

• Invite your child to read a favorite book to a younger sibling, friend, or even a family pet.

• Record your child reading a favorite book or part of a book. Email the video to a relative or friend.

• Invite your child to draw a picture illustrating a favorite scene or character from a book. Encourage

your child to write a descriptive paragraph about the scene or character. Ask your child to read it to


• Encourage your child to create an advertisement for a favorite book or create a skit about it

In all that you do together this month, enjoy the power of reading!